Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Website or Web Application

I don't know, how this came up to my mind and is it really helpful to my readers too. But, once I get a question I try my best to find the answer and I also did some search, read some articles and finally I get some idea on the difference.

So, I am just sharing the knowledge !!!

Well, these two terms are used interchangeably and both are available through web browsers. Either in the development or in the normal day to day uses of internet, we don't bother to know the difference and the difference is very small in today's world as the internet has become so much advanced these days.

Website is collection of information usually having multiple web pages. Like, this series of articles. Where, viewers have very little or nothing to interact with the website.

On the other hand, when an application is available over the internet, we call it as web application. Like, any mail application.

For example, you are reading my articles and really have a very little to interact with my articles. So, you can consider it as a website. But when I write articles, I have many more things to do so this becomes an interactive application at my end. So, its web application for me.

In a nutshell, we can formulate it as below,
website + interactive controls = web application

Nowadays, the web development and UI controls has gained a smooth control over the web pages. So, almost every website comes with interactive controls. So the distance between website and web application has become minute.

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Palash Kanti Kundu