Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hosting your own website

Someone asked me about setting up new website without using WordPress. So, I want to answer this in my way. Hope this will be helpful to many people who wants to host their own website with minimal cost.

I want to expose that, All these came up with a cost of INR. 199/- per year.

I have created my own website completely from scratch, Folk Tales Collection - Palash90 and I have not used WordPress/ WIX or any other tool.

I have used the following Combination,

  1. Java - Programming Language
  2. Spring - Framework for dependency Injections and MVC
  3. Angular JS - For front end MVC
  4. Twitter Bootstrap - To deal with UI related stuffs.
  5. Redhat JBoss Tools - Eclipse based IDE to deal with coding
  6. - For online Data storage.
  7. OpenShift by Red Hat - For Hosting my code base.
  8. Domain Names | The World's Largest Domain Name Registrar - GoDaddy - For domain

Let me tell you the details, how does it work,

  1. I started with an idea and I did not know where to start from.
  2. I did extensive research on Web Hosting, I got different Ideas. Then I found OpenShift by Red Hat
  3. I downloaded the required tools from their site and started working on it.
  4. I created web application based on Tomcat(Although you can choose from a rich set of other hosting solutions as well like Ruby, Python, Node JS, Drupal etc)
  5. I started using the JBoss IDE and wrote some application and tested them in local.
  6. When everything was working fine, I committed everything to Openshift Cloud.
  7. The application has the URL -
  8. Then I mapped the URL with the domain -
  9. And it all are fine and the application is live at -

That's all how you can set-up your own hosting solution without paying a single penny (Except the domain which comes very cheap at INR 199/- per year).

Well, the trade off is, you have to work for your website. So, you will need time to set up everything. My website took me around 3 months to complete everything.

On my subsequent articles, I will be detailing all the steps.